How do you join?

You can head to our Discord channel right now :) There are two options to consider for joining the community:

  1. Be a Subscriber - this is free and you only need to sign up for our monthly travel newsletter. Once you subscribe you'll get basic access to our Discord channel: Subscribe now
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By being part of the community you'll get the true benefits of chatting with our travel writers directly and with special guests and with other community members. You'll be able to ask questions from people with first hand experience, share your stories and plans, get inspired, and inspire others!

Find some new roads in the hills of Guatemala.

Why Join Travel Fodder?

We started this community with goal of inspiring and helping one another. And it's easier than ever these days; all you need to do is sign up for Travel Fodder. Whether you join or not, you will always be able to freely read our growing number of travel guides, itineraries, stories, and photography articles right here on the TF website, but we would love for you to join in the conversation!

What is Discord?

Discord is an online platform for chatting. If you remember the good ol' days of chatrooms it's basically the same, but more modern along with built-in voice and video chat.

If you're new the idea, it's basically a members-only place online for our community to meet online, chat, share stories, get and give advice, and make friends! You will also be able to chat with our writers directly to talk about where they have travelled, ask questions, and get advice too.

We also have plans to have special guests to give talks to our community! Join in and say hello to us today :)

Once you subscribe or join Travel Fodder you will get an invitation to join the Travel Fodder Discord server.

If you love travelling as much as we do, we would love to have you join our growing online community of travellers, explorers, wanderers, and dreamers.

Sand Dunes of Egypt's Western Desert

Why We Started Travel Fodder.

Travelling isn't always easy or glamorous or cheap, and it can be hard to know where to start. You look at a map or – if you're anything like us – you find yourself scrolling through stranger's or friend's social media accounts and wonder how does anyone do that? How do they afford that? I wish I could go there and do that!

These are questions we've all had and we believe anyone can and should get out there and experience the world. With this community we want to help everyone make those first steps!

If you have any questions at all or have trouble signing up, please reach out to us at or connect with us on social media.